Hi, I'm Verónica!

 Art Direction, Creation and Broadcasting of digital content. 

“Design is the way to tell and project ideas, messages and qualities in everything that surrounds us, giving life and value to our personal image, product or company.”

I’m Verónica Rubio, graphic designer and art director from Talavera de la Reina (Spain). Vk19 born in 2008 to offer my services as freelance, althought my first steps in online design were when I was 15 years old. I am continualy inspired by music, decor, nature and fantasy retouch. I develop websites, corporative identities, brands, stationery for special moments and marketing strategies to create visibility to your project.

I am a person with eagerness to learn and improve day to day. Graphic design brings together differents artistics parts like photography, ilustration, multimedia edition and content creation. But today, internet is a medio where it focuses on create communities and stablishing feedback with users.

It is not good to have a presence on the network without a good marketing strategy that makes you reach your target audience and grow in visibility.

Since 2010 I worked in an Fashion Company as Online Advertising Manager, Community Manager, Content Creator and Artistic Director in photographic sessions. Besides I admin an online store, edit products pictures and others administrative works. For more information you can see my LinkedIn.

If you have in mind to make an online project like social media, create or redesigning your website contact me and I'll help you to develop your idea.

About Me

Who I am?

I have always had artistic skills from writing novels and songs to painting in watercolors or capturing moments with my camera. Digital media allows you to unite everything you can manually and expand it with software. This was for me a discovery when I met the internet!

In 2004 I studied Advertising Graphic in the EA of Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), where I discovered everything about Graphic Design applied to create brands and sell products in both print and digital media. Since then I have specialized in developing web pages with content managers such as Wordpress or Joomla among others for different types of businesses and personal projects.


Experience in



Web Development
Edition & Photographic Retouch
Corporative Identity
Marketing Online & SEO
Branding Redesign
Event Stationery
Social Media Strategies
Multimedia Edition

Activities and Free Time

I love photography and create worlds through digital art.

Music is part of my life, helps me to create and have fun.

Watching tv shows, movies and reading are some of my favorite activities.

Keeping learning is one of my goals in order to offer the best to my clients.